Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I see it. I like it. I do it.

I love this slogan!  It describes me to a tea.  (I found it on .) I love to check out blogs on most everything... crafts, baking, decorating, kids stuff.  I have been bookmarking blogs and ideas I want to make or do and just realized today I have maxed out my bookmark capacity.  I didn't even know that was possible.

I was recently inspired to start posting the projects I am working on.  I was having a delicious treat with some friends (while all of our kids were at vacation bible school) and was talking about some crafts that I had made for Father's Day gifts.  My friends sounded interested and excited to start crafting.  I began thinking about the blog I had started months ago to benefit from Shutterfly's deal of 50 free photo cards and decided to become a blogger.

My husband calls me a blog stalker and I admit, I am addicted to blogs.  That is where my blog name came from: Confessions of a Blog Stalker.  ( was already taken.)  People think I am creative, but really I just find a project that someone else has posted and make it.  I hope you find my posts interesting and that they get your own craft juices flowing.

My most recent project I found on

I saw it months ago and bookmarked it to make someday.  My nieces first birthday was last week and thought this would be a great addition to her present.  I love to make things for people.  It makes a gift more personal and thoughtful.  I thought the giraffe might be a bit large for her shirt so I opted for a butterfly.  I followed the tutorial listed and didn't have any problems.  I loved my sister's response...impressive.  Who doesn't like to impress?


  1. g - one of my favorite mommy bloggers happens to be a master crafter/sewer: you'll LOVE!

    great job on olivia's butterfly tank - it's too cute!


  2. Found you on the CSI project- I have that same tutorial bookmarked! I haven't made mine yet, though. I love the butterfly- it's really cute!