Monday, December 6, 2010

Have you ordered yet?

I am talking about your Christmas cards of course!  I love to send out photo cards for pretty much every holiday, but I have to say Christmas is my favorite time.  I enjoy choosing one or a few photos to show the fun times my family and I have had.  Most years I am scrambling in November to capture a photo of my whole family.  Thankfully not this year!  This summer, we spent a wonderful week in Lake Tahoe, so there are so many great shots to choose from. I found this layout earlier in the week.  What do you think?
I am thinking it will be perfect!  It has three spots for my kiddos smiling faces and the right orientation for a family photo on the beach.

Shutterfly is not just for photo cards.  Yesterday, I received a photo book I made as a Christmas gift for my in-laws.  It showcases our summer trip to Lake Tahoe and I know they will love it.  My father-in-law loves to take pictures, but he doesn't always print them out.  This will be a great reminder of the fun we had.

I also love to make photo calendars as gifts.  Everyone needs a new calendar, plus everyone loves to have it personalized with photos and birthdays.  If you have someone on your Christmas list and don't know what to get them, I suggest a photo calendar.  These are so easy and quick to make, plus you can print multiple copies for your family members.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Being Crafty

Tonight, I started the prep for the craft I am leading this Friday at my mother's group, MOPS.  Thanks to my wonderful sister and her husband, I was able to cut 120 plus blocks for the ornament project.  I don't have my own power saw...this would be a great Christmas gift.  So they let me use theirs.  Thank you!

It was freezing in their garage, I think my feet are ice blocks.  But it will all be worth it, when all those moms make a cute project and feel crafty.

I love to make things.  I have many new projects swirling around in my head, with little or no time to get them all finished.  My husband will ask periodically when he sees a new purchase, "What is this for?"  "It's for a project,"  I reply (of course).  Thankfully he loves me and sees past the containers of material, paper, ribbon, and miscellaneous crap I have collected over the years.  Maybe I am addicted to crafting.  Dave, my husband calls me a blog stalker, because I love to see what crafts everyone else is making.  Thanks mom for passing on the love of things handmade.  I think my 5 year old daughter Julia, may have also received this trait.  Yeah!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Shutterfly Photo Cards

Hi, I loved the Shutterfly Thanksgiving Photo cards and am looking forward to ordering Christmas ones.  I have three children and love that I can find cute designs to fit their three adorable faces into!  Plus I also wanted to add a family picture.  I am leaning towards this one.  What do you think?

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am starting this blog to get 50 free Shutterfly Christmas cards.  I love to send photo cards out to my family and friends.  And free is free.  So, I am about to embark on the blogging world.  Have a wonderful weekend!