Friday, August 12, 2011

Party Favors

My twins turned six last Friday!  I can't believe it.  I remember bringing them home from the hospital and being completely overwhelmed with the thought of having two babies.  There have been so many instances where I found myself in a hard place.  Being a mom is really hard sometimes, OK, a lot of times.

This is a video I took one afternoon when both babies were hungry at the same time.  Are you laughing?  I am.  Isn't that funny?

Six years have flown by, they haven't been easy.  But I am thankful for the memories and the fun times we have shared together.  Aren't they cute?

This year my husband and I decided to have the twins' party at a nearby park rather than at our home.  The main reason was the sheer number of guests our kids wanted to invite.  With twins, it is like having two birthday parties at once.  We may separate their birthdays' in the future, but for now this is working for us.

Let's talk party favors...Either you have them or not. Either they are junky or useful.  I wanted them to be different and useful.  Since we were having the party on a hot summer day I thought I could make personalized water bottles.  I found these bright fun bottles at the Dollar Tree and used my wonderful Silhouette to cut out the names.  I used clear contact paper to adhere the names to the bottles.  At first I had the names wrapping around the bottle, but after chatting with a crafty friend, I decided to place them vertically.  Didn't they turn out great?

If you don't have a vinyl cutter, Micheal's sells vinyl stickers or you could go with a company like I have used this one (before I took the leap and bought a Silhouette for my birthday last year) and found her reasonably priced and fast.  She will send you the vinyl and you can adhere it where ever you would like.

The only problem with these water bottles was when dropped on the ground they broke.  I did not foresee that happening.  I guess, that is what I get with the $1.00 water bottles.  Next time, I would choose a metal bottle or a sturdier plastic.
 My crafty friend, Jen, that I spoke about earlier liked my idea so much she decided to make some for her son's party favors.  She threw him a robot themed birthday party.  Don't you just love the font she chose?  The metal also looks so sturdy and robotesque!

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Monday, August 1, 2011

Minnie Mouse Ears

Today, I wanted to show you a project I made a few months ago for a good friend and her girls.  They were headed to Disney World and of course I needed to make something to get them excited for their adventure.  I found this idea at 
and thought they would be perfect!  I followed the tutorial, using ribbon from Walmart, black felt (I have a huge assortment stored in our basement) and hair clips from another project.  This was a quick project, that I finished in an hour (3 pairs).  My husband loves when the crafting materials don't sit on the counter for a week.

My husband and I told our twins we would take them to Disneyland when they were five...sadly they are turning 6 this Friday and we have yet to go.  Now we say, "Let's go when our little guy is 5."  That's two years away.  Are we missing out on the excitement for young kids?  Or making a good choice because then they will be able to ride on more rides?