Monday, March 5, 2012

Moss Letter Tutorial

I pinned this project a while back and it's been on my to make list.  I thought it would be perfect for St. Patrick's Day/spring.  I checked out the wonderful tutorial found on Dear Lillie, gathered the materials and then got started.

I used 2 pieces of cardboard, sharp scissors (I was wishing I had a good exacto knife.), print out of the letter in the font you want, moss ( I used a roll from Joanne's, but I think the Dollar store and Micheal's have it also.  I wouldn't recommend using moss from a bag.), hot glue gun and lots of glue.

1. Find the font you want to use.  I went with Century Schoolbook enlarged to size 600.  I then printed it out using the poster format on my printer.  Then cut it out and tape it together.

2. Use this to trace your letter onto the cardboard.  I started with one piece, but it seemed a bit flimsy so I cut out another and hot glued them together.

3.  Now lay your cardboard letter down on your moss.  Cut the moss out about an inch around your letter.  Save the scraps for later.

4. Use your hot glue gun to adhere the moss to the back of your letter.  I used a pencil to press down the moss so I wouldn't burn my fingers.  Continue around until you are finished.

5. Now use your scraps to fill in the back, if you want to.  The tutorial I was following, did this.  But it's up to you.  It does however give it a more finished look.  My Grammy's words came to mind when I was doing this.  "The back should look just as nice as the front."

Now hang, or place it and admire!  I just love this idea!
My next mossy project is seen at two twenty one!

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  1. I love Dear Lillie. You did a great job on this project, I love it especially that you chose the letter D, my fave:-) Thank you for sharing the tutorial with us. Can't wait to make one for my home. Have a wonderful week.

  2. I ove this! I keep wanting to try to use moss in one of my projects. Thanks for sharing at oopsey daisy!

  3. This looks great, fantastic job, I might like to make one for my back porch! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)